Been a while

I haven’t updated in a long time. I’ve been distracted with other things – I started a business, ASAP Delivery and Transportation, and my wife and I now have a three month old baby. I will try to post updates periodically. I’m opening an etsy store to sell some of my smaller paintings. There’s nothing there yet but it will be here:

My wife has a really good digital camera, so if we can get good enough pictures I might also have some prints of my bigger paintings made.


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New paintings at myspace

I uploaded some of my new paintings to my myspace page recently:

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Opening Reception at the Albatross

There will be an opening recpetion for my show at the Albatross Pub on Feburary 10th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

The Albatross is at 1822 San Pablo Avenue, a couple blocks north of University Avenue in Berkeley.

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New Year, New Shows

Happy New Year! I have some shows coming up in 2007:

My art will be showing through the end of January at Cafe Roma, which is on the corner of Ashby and College in Berkeley.

In February and March, I’m showing at the Albatross Pub on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley.

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I finally joined Myspace. is where you can see my profile, be my friend, and leave me comments. I posted a couple pictures and a video made by Ira Lesser at the Hotel des Arts show I was in back in July.

This Saturday night is Visual Aid’s Big Deal fundraiser. I donated a piece of art, and I’ll be there looking at the other 600+ pieces of art.

Saturday afternoon, my wife is showing at the Maven Fair in Berkeley – it starts at noon at 1700 Dwight Way.

We will be doing open studios on Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend – 2703 7th Street in Berkeley. If the weather is nice, I might even bring some of my art outside. Cafe Clem is open on Saturdays, so there’s good food (they are owned by the same people who own La Note) in addition to all the art and fine crafts in our studio building.

man with ghosts - black and white  Here’s a new painting I’m working on. It’s a black and white version of “Man with Ghosts”. (The color version is hanging in room 205 at Hotel des Arts in SF.)

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Ravenswood Marketplace

My wife ( and I will be showing some of our work at the Ravenswood Marketplace, October 7th from 12-4 at Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma, CA.

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Beautiful Wives Club – clarification

People are starting to call me about the beautiful wives club. One guy seemed a little bit confused about the purpose of the club.

“Tell me about the club. What is it about?”

“Well, it’s a support group, for men who are married to very attractive women, to talk about the issues they have to deal with.”

“So, it’s not a wife swapping club?”


“Is there any sexual activity?”


“Okay, thankyou, bye-bye.”

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